The load action of the pulley formation during the lifting process

- Jan 18, 2018 -

The load action of the pulley formation during the lifting process

With the increasingly powerful information age, more and more buildings are being built. More real estate is competing with each other. In the process of building houses, cranes will be used. This industry is also very hot. Then the pulley group is also a necessary lifting accessories for the crane. In fact, it is actually used to support the crane and the load, and on the crane is a device that can run and run back and forth.

The main damage form of the pulley is the crushing, wear and pitting of the hardened layer. In order to prolong the wear strength and life of the wheel surface, the surface of the tread should be heat treated.

The related parameters of the crane pulley group:

The important technical parameters of the crane is horizontal deflection pulley group operating mechanism the value of deflection value super bad will cause rail gnawing, it will increase the running resistance, vibration and noise, exacerbated by the wear tracks and pulleys, thereby greatly reducing the service life of crane, so the numerical technical conditions for manufacturing various types of cranes to allow for the specified wheel horizontal deflection.

Pulley group structure:

The horizontal deflection of the pulley is mainly the corresponding technical measures taken according to the different product structure. The relatively simple design structure of the commonly used processes and measures is that the pulley can be assembled on the support to make up the wheel group.

The pulley group is also playing an important role on the crane. If you want to extend the life of its use, it is necessary to avoid unnecessary wear and tear in the process of reuse. And the pulley group is maintained after a period of time. If abnormal conditions occur during use, the operation must be stopped immediately, and it should be checked and repaired.


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