​the main function of gantry crane frame

- Jun 26, 2018 -

the main function of gantry crane frame

The frame is one of the important parts of the gantry crane structure. If there is no gantry frame, the gantry crane can not operate normally, so what is the main function of the gantry crane frame?

goliath ganty crane frame structure:

Generally, the gantry is composed of main beam, outrigger and lower crossbeam. Usually the plate girder structure is adopted, and the main girder and the outrigger of the gantry are rigid connections.

The main beam part in the door frame should not only take into account the strength and stiffness of the whole structure, but also take into account the weight of the whole main beam. The heavy beam will not only affect the transportation, but also affect the leg, which has a certain effect on the bearing of the leg.


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