The main maintenance details of the electrical equipment og bridge erection crane

- Apr 13, 2018 -

Due to the increasing number of erection works such as highways, railways and bridges in recent years, hoisting machinery in various engineering buildings is widely applied. The most commonly used forms are bridge erecting machines, gantry cranes and gantry cranes. Although the application of different lifting machines has the advantages of each other, most of the lifting equipment are large mechanical equipment. 

Therefore, in order to prevent the occurrence of large safety accidents, we should take a series of measures, including the maintenance work of the various parts of the bridge erecting machine.

In order to ensure the safety of bridge erecting machine, operators must be familiar with the causes and troubleshooting of various accidents of bridge erector. In addition, we should strengthen the condition monitoring and fault diagnosis of bridge erection machine to ensure the safe operation of bridge erector. Next, we will give a brief introduction to the details of the maintenance of the electrical equipment of the bridge erector.

(1) keep the cleaning of electrical equipment, such as resistors, control screens, contactors, and so on, to remove dust and dirt from inside and outside, prevent the occurrence of leakage, breakdown, short circuit and so on.

The regular observation of motor rotor slip and brush contact is good.

When using bad conditions, motor, wire and insulation resistance should be measured regularly. Cable insulation should be connected with all kinds of housings.

Check the cam controller, contactor whether singeing phenomenon, such as should be replaced or removed with emery cloth after use.


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