The maintenance of the Container Loading and Unloading System

- Apr 10, 2018 -

  1. regular maintenance

1) Container Tilter should be regularly maintained for 300 hours or three months under normal operation.

2) check whether the reversing valve, lifting cylinder, steering cylinder and hydraulic motor work normally.

3) check whether the joints of each inlet and outlet are loose or not; whether there is aging phenomenon in and out of oil pipes, if any, we should deal with or replace them in time.

2. regular replacement

1) the Tilting working system is calculated by 8 hours a day, and the parameters of the container turnover machine are replaced once every two years under the condition of regular maintenance, and the oil tubing is replaced once every year. 2) the crane should replace the hydraulic oil in the fuel tank within the first 120 hours.

3) after the first oil change, the Linyi container turnover machine should replace the hydraulic oil in the fuel tank every time the prescribed maintenance period is maintained. If emulsification or impurities are found too much, new oil should be replaced in time.

4) the filter net is cleaned after 300 hours of normal use.

5) roller bearings and rope grease can be changed once a 50~200 hours.

6) steel wire rope should be replaced in time when breaking up every 500-1000 or a single steel wire per box.

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