the maintenance platform is necessary and important for the cranes

- Dec 20, 2017 -

How to set up the maintenance plarform of the Overhead Cane

It is very necessary to set up maintenance platform for hoisting equipment. Crane and other lifting equipment operators can maintain and maintain crane driving mechanism at any time and anywhere through the maintenance platform, which greatly reduces the impact of failure of a crane in midway. Maintenance of workshop crane crane special maintenance platform or not equipped with lifting mechanism, shorten maintenance time, reduce production costs due to failure of the crane, it is about how to set the maintenance platform for crane, what kind of equipment for setting maintenance platform.

The foreign market in general, more than 30 tons of crane will set the maintenance platform, this is because the beam maintenance needs strong security and stability, therefore, the single beam suspension crane low workshop no more space for containing the guardrail maintenance platform, which itself is a small tonnage equipment cannot afford more weight, therefore, once the failure, such as the main girder and end girder failure scenarios requires maintenance platform, some manufacturers will choose the lifting platform as a maintenance medium.

In the domestic market, the maintenance platform is also mostly installed in the larger lifting appliances. The single beam equipment is generally not used. For example, the top of the main girder of the double beam crane will set up a half meter wide walking table, and a guardrail is set up to protect the personal safety of the related personnel. In outdoor use will also set the maintenance equipment gantry hoists as security.

Maintenance platform setting scheme: maintenance platform on the girder end, relying on the end of main beam erection maintenance platform, from the platform layout will make full use of electric hoist mechanism and the girder end between the considered staff along the ladder on the legs of the main girder, girder will be walking in the staff to set up the fence, at the end of the main platform set up and down the ladder.


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