The potential danger of the poor quality of single beam crane

- Mar 11, 2015 -

The potential danger of the poor quality of single beam crane

Speaking of single beam crane, a lot of customers think that as long as they can lift the material, it is inaccurate to have this kind of thinking. It can be said that any single beam crane can lift the rated weight, the key is how long the service life. 

The problems of poor quality driving you should know is that;

The potential danger of the poor quality of single beam crane

1, the structure of the main beam is not reasonable or the material is used to steal the material. The main beam will cause deformation and sink, and it will cause a serious accident. The thickness of the plate used in the general main beam has a certain standard, and it needs to be understood clearly in the purchase. Have full page to eliminate the possibility of the sinking to a certain extent. Now the conditions allow, procurement full page type girder.

2, the wheels are usually made of ZG340-640 cast steel or ZG-50SiMn low alloy steel. On the market, there are also some of the wheels of the material can not meet the requirements, the long time the wheel wear increasingly serious. At the same time, it will also cause the wheel skidding, the running is not smooth, and the wheel and the crack will occur seriously.

3, the electrical control system is the core of the single beam crane, which is equivalent to the human brain. The quality of the electrical control system directly affects the failure rate in the later period. The electric cabinet of the single beam crane is cheap for one thousand pieces, and the good one is more than 10000. The price difference is so large that its quality is conceivable. The quality of electrical system is closely related to the design and electrical source. The design of electric cabinet which is cheap in the market has been designed many years ago, far from meeting the current demand. Single beam crane how to choose the correct cable said in the above mentioned, the use of the electrical original is also poor quality products, so the quality can not be guaranteed.

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