The preparation of the crane anti fall device

- Apr 02, 2015 -

The preparation of the crane anti fall device

The maintenance work of the anti - falling device in the crane is obvious to all. 

It plays a very important role. Therefore, after completing the work and task, the equipment is to check and maintain the work so as to prevent any malfunctions at work. At the same time, before the work, also should be given the equipment on the inspection work, more work for the safety of thought.

In order to make the anti dropping device can play a protective role, must be on the inspection and maintenance of anti dropping device normal operation, ensure each link anti dropping device and the rotating part is often flexible, againstfalls day must have someone to check the time to check the anti dropping device parts have no damage for each part, the screw is loosening, each link and the transmission part is flexible, whether there is the phenomenon of crack and fracture of spring, on the order to clear debris hinder activities, and the activities of parts should be lubricated, and fall in the cage sit on the tube, the wire rope to relax and improve againstfalls catch agency action is flexible reliable observation.

Use of crane anti fall equipment

The work of inspection is to protect the normal work of the equipment, and the work of maintenance should be done enough. Must be inspected by feeder point chief to organize a monthly, to replace the damaged parts, moving parts were claw cleaning and oiling, the gap between the wedge and the tank and each part wear, and adjust to the allowable range, parts wear, strength decreased more than 20 must be replaced. At the same time, we must check and repair the tank wear, brake wear and buffer device. We should pay special attention to the fixed connection of the upper part of the brake rope. If the corrosion of the fastener is serious, it should be dealt with promptly. It is convenient for the next maintenance work.

A crane's anti falling device must be carried out in the inspection and maintenance work. As a responsible person in charge of management, it is necessary to remind the maintenance personnel or construction personnel at any time. Each use, must make an appearance check, in the use process, also pay attention to view, in half to 1 years to test once. It is required that the main components are not damaged, such as breakage and deterioration in time to reflect, and stop the use, so as to ensure the safety of operation. After the inspection, the anti - fall device can achieve its own work when the heavy objects fall. We also need to carry out the experiment before using the equipment to see if it can be applied successfully.

According to the mine safety rules, after a new installation or repair of anti dropping device must support hook experiment, qualified rear can use, have anti dropping device used in shaft cage, every six months should be a check not supporting hook experiments should be carried out once every year the hook. Prepare for the experiment before the experiment.



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