the reason and how to do with the seams and crack on Cranes

- Jan 11, 2018 -

What should be done when there's crack with cranes

In the long line of engineering and technical personnel of crane will not be unfamiliar, as a large crane hoisting equipment, bear the huge weight of material transportation, engineering, equipment of construction industry may not be necessary, such as crane important equipment, its operation and maintenance of the natural is our usual work of the priority among priorities. So we may face some difficult problems, such as the crane fuselage cracks should be how to do?

What should be done when a crane has a crack in the fuselage

There is a crack in the fuselage, and at this time, in order to achieve the long - used target of the crane, firstly the factors that affect it.

Wind power. Cranes may run in the open air. The whole sunshine and rain, plus the action of wind force, will cause a certain wind force to obstruct the crane. Once the wind force is too large, the crane will operate at the same time and resist the effect of the wind. The load will increase. It will exceed the bearing capacity of the machine, and the sturdy machinery will also have a shaking moment. Once the overload machine's body is possible, there will be cracks and cracks.

The occurrence of cracks may be in the manufacturing, because the design is not forward-looking, not considering the durability of machinery is also necessary to prevent. The reinforcement of the crane's body can reduce the damage of the girder of the bridge crane.

The improper installation of the bridge crane can also cause corrosion and damage of the time of growth. Therefore, when the installation and normal inspection should be paid attention to, the attention of mechanical maintenance can not be lack. Because of the long time use of the bridge crane, it will be subjected to varying degrees of corrosion. If a certain impact is added, the crack will appear. So in the inspection, we should pay attention to adding  lubricating oil to reduce the friction and delay the service life of the crane.

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