the reason and how to prevent the oil leakage problems of bridge launching crane

- Nov 09, 2017 -

We all know that in the process of using bridge machine, there are some minor problems that are inevitable, there is the problem of gear oil leakage is also very common. However, a serious oil spill reducer will not only lose a lot of oil, but also have an adverse effect on the erecting machine itself and the hygiene of the surrounding environment, and will also affect the progress of the work. For gear reducer how to deal with a brief summary.

Gearbox leakage mainly for the following reasons:

First, due to the design is not reasonable, if there is no design of ventilation holes or holes is too small, so that the internal pressure reducer and external pressure can not be balanced, resulting in the leakage of oil; as a result of the operating mechanism of the retarder tank by the box Body composition, because of the long run, the connection of the two box surface seal is not easy to leak oil.

Second, the manufacturing design fails to meet the requirements of the box joint surface is not enough, resulting in strict sealing and resulting leakage.

Third, the use of improper maintenance caused by multiple blockage, resulting in internal pressure is too high, too much oil, the oil level is too high; loose connecting bolts, so that the combination of the two boxes is not tight.

In order to prevent oil leakage gear reducer, we should improve the design, the gear cover observation hole and the oil hole on the cover to add aeration device to ensure that the pressure inside and outside the box balance airflow; improve the two box joints and mating surface of the machining accuracy, Prevent box deformation; In addition, but also do a good job of maintenance work, often check and clear the reducer ventilation holes, the amount of oil, overhaul the maintenance box body cut surface, serious deformation is replaced; clean back to the tank, fastening bolts.

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