the reason and how to settle the overhead crane swing

- Dec 21, 2017 -

Bridge Cranes Swing, the reason and how to settle it?

The overhead bridge crane is the lifting equipment which need to be mounted to the track, the structure of the body through strict design, every operation must comply with the safety standard equipment requirements, but may be due to defects in the design of their equipment, there will be defects and subsequent installation and use of the process, which leads to the emergence of various equipment the following fault, we come to understand how to deal with the occurrence of a downward hanging pendulum during walking.

The Reasons of bridge travelling cranes swang: 

one is for hanging twist occurs when walking, the other is stopped when the body writhing, main factors that caused the first twist form is the motor failure, the fastest solution is the replacement or repair motor for troubleshooting, does not affect the operation of equipment. The cause of the second basic forms of the pendulum can be determined on both sides of the brake of inconsistency, the timely adjustments to both sides of the brake, troubleshooting.QQ图片20171225162205.jpg

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