the reason and the measures should be adopted in the failure of erecting machine

- Nov 22, 2017 -

Analysis and the measures should be taken in the failure of erecting machine

measures to be taken in the failure of Bridging machine when bridge machine failure in the need to take some emergency measures to determine the cause of the accident first, the specific approach is to conduct several consecutive electric direction of operation to observe the object has not accelerated down state. If the operation of the handle after the failure of the situation is still there should be bridge machine mechanical failure, this time is divided into two cases, to be treated differently.

In one case, the fault occurs in the operating mechanism of the trolley or the trolley. At this time, a power outage emergency method is required. In the second case, the failure occurs in the elevator, and the power failure can not be taken at this time. In this case, Members should pay attention to their own personal safety, issued an emergency signal, the ground staff to cooperate with the control, so that the hook can safely land.

Of course, there is another situation, that is, the failure does not exist, which indicates that the bridge machine electrical failure or illusion failure. At this point if it is an electrical fault you need to cut off the power. If the illusion of failure need to be carefully examined to judge.

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