the Reason of Bridge Crane hook flying to sky

- Aug 26, 2016 -

Bridge overhead crane hook "running to sky" 

the reasons is as follows;

Bridge crane is a heavy lifting of general machinery, has a wide range of applications in various industries. Hook as a bridge crane to enhance the role of a key part, has an essential role. Overhead cranes sometimes "hover" on the hook, causing the hook to malfunction. Hook structure with heavy hammer, screw-type and cam-type, often have a wrong idea at work, as long as the limit is good, this phenomenon does not occur, in fact, this is an incorrect understanding. Limit is the normal working conditions will also appear a variety of reasons lead to "hook heaven." Here are some of the reasons why overhead crane hook skyrocket?

Bridge crane hook "sky" reasons

1, mechanical reasons: Brake gap is too large, serious brake pads, hold tight, leading to hook sky.

Approach: Adjust the lever, replace the brake pads, to achieve the best condition.

2, the electrical reasons: the controller circuit is shorted, or ground controller damage, line misconnection, contactors long-term strain gap is too large, the contact spring deformation can not be used, can not be restored, the contact adhesion will cause this situation, so we Can not fully expect the limit switch to control the occurrence of the phenomenon.


3, man-made reasons: attention is not focused, the controller did not return to "zero" bit because the noise is too large to conceal the controller is not back to zero, the hook continues to rise when the sound emitted, resulting in the phenomenon of hook skyrocketed . Also in accordance with the provisions of lifting workers are not allowed to use the long wire rope, so as to avoid the driver's attention is not focused, the hook rise too fast and lead to the sky.


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