the reasons of explosion-proof electric wire rope hoist can not start and running

- May 25, 2018 -

Explosion-proof electric wire rope hoist is a kind of small and light weight lifting equipment, with light weight, small size and heavy lifting capacity. When there's full explosive mixture in working plant, it is a necessary to improve labor productivity under the premise of ensuring safety.

We should check the reasons for not running at once when explosion-proof electric hoist can not start and run phenomenon.

First, check whether the power fuse of explosion-proof electric hoist is burned.

If a phase is broken, when the motor starts at a single phase and the starting torque is zero, then the electric hoist motor will not be able to rotate, and enough fuse should be replaced.

Secondly, It may be that the voltage of the grid is too low. 

Because the starting torque is proportional to the square of the voltage, the acceleration torque can not overcome the load torque, so it can not reach the running speed. At this time, the voltage of the power grid should be improved properly.

Third, it may be short-circuit, grounding or open circuit between stator windings. 

If the grounding of the winding occurs on the grounding line of the lead wire, the junction box should be opened for inspection. If there is a circuit breaker, not only to check the motor, but also to check the wiring of the control equipment is correct, if the contact contact of the contact contact is bad, the line can not be connected, at this time the application of sand paper to the contact of the contact contact of the contactor, at the same time check the core of the suction, disconnect, whether there is Blocking phenomenon. Replace the new suitable contactor when necessary.

Finally, it is possible that the electric hoist load is too large or the transmission machinery has trouble. 

The power of the motor that is matched by the electric hoist is reasonable. The overload can not occur when the weight is lifted. If the electric hoist can't turn, the load should be unloaded first, if the motor can start normal starting at this time. It means that the transmission mechanism of the gearbox is out of order, so the dragging mechanism should be checked to remove the fault.

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