the safety devices of single girder bridge cranes

- May 14, 2018 -

The safety devices of single girder bridge cranes are mainly divided into overload limiter, height limiter, stroke limiter (limiting device), broken phase protection and so on. Each protective device has different functions.

1. Overload limiter

When lifting weight exceeds the specified rated weight, the lifting power source is cut off.

2. Height limiter and drop depth limiter

When the picking device is raised to the highest position, the lifting power source is automatically disconnected. When the extraction device drops to the lowest position, the descending power source is automatically cut off.

3, limiting device

The car traveling mechanism should set up a restricter and automatically cut off the power source when the stroke is limited.

4, the protection of the fault phase

Prevent the motor from being short of torque and prevent the wrong phase from causing the motor direction to go wrong.

5. Other safety devices

Cranes should be installed on the same track to prevent the two from colliding.

Setting up the safety protection of the conductive slide line, setting up the heat insulation device in the important parts such as the main flange and the flange plate.


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