The safety measures of the transport beam Carrier

- Jun 12, 2018 -

The safety measures of the transport beam Carrier

1, the driver of the beam truck must have a driver's license. The signalling worker and the sprinter must hold corresponding valid documents to eliminate the undocumented work.

2, before use, the operator must check the following conditions: whether the tire pressure is enough, the engine water tank is enough water, the steering machine is flexible, the brake device is sensitive, and the direction adjustment device is intact.

3. The road for passing the beam truck must be inspected and roadblocks should be removed in time. The pressure on the road surface should be mastered, and the road surface with pressure below the tire pressure of the girder transport truck should be reinforced in time. The uneven sections must be filled to maintain the smoothness of the road surface. After the beam truck is stabilized under the gantry crane (upper beam area), the beam is lifted to the upper part of the girder carriage by gantry crane.

4. When the beam is loaded, the center of gravity of the beam should fall on the longitudinal center line of the trolley (the middle point of the trolley direction adjustment device), and the deviation should not exceed 20mm. When the beam is mounted on the curve, the center of the beam can be slightly crossed with the longitudinal center line of the trolley. After loading the beams, they must be tied up with strut and hand hoist to prevent the overturning of beams.

When the beam falls on the trolley, hard wood or fiber layer should be placed between the beam and the trolley support to protect the beam concrete.

5, when the runtime starts, you must start with slow gear. During operation, heavy beams must be low speed (V less than 15m/min), and high speed gear (V less than 30m/min) can be used when no load is returned.

6. During the operation of the vehicle, a special person must be observed and monitored with the vehicle. It is found that the driver should stop immediately after the abnormal condition or abnormal sound.

7. Beams and beams can not be placed on beams.

8. When feeding the beam, the girder carrier must slowly enter the rear of the bridge erector. The driver must concentrate and obey the command of the signalling operator. The vehicle can not collide with the bridge erector.

9. When feeding the beam, the speed of the girder carrier must be consistent with the speed of the crane on the bridge erector.

10. After the bridge is hoisted up and moved away from the rear, the bridge can be removed from the rear end of the erection machine after examination and confirmation.

11. Road treatment of tyres.

A. road longitudinal gradient is not more than 4%, and the transverse slope is not more than 3%.

B. two span wet joints should be laid with 10mm steel plate and No. 10 I-steel welded frame connection plate to ensure smooth and reliable crossing of wet joints. The vertical reinforcement on the beam surface is temporarily bent to avoid tying the tire, and the tension pit is temporarily filled with sand bags or sleepers.

C. beam carrier must be connected to the box girder by two box girders (the carriage's wheelbase is 205cm), so that the girder carrier can walk on the web beam of the two beam. The box girder must be dealt with in a proper way. The first method is to weld the two box girder wing plates.

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