The safety regulations of the bridge concrete girder erecting machine

- Mar 27, 2018 -

The safety regulations of the bridge concrete girder erecting machine are as follows

1. Before the running of the bridge erector, it is necessary to check the integrity and good of the brake device. The bridge erecting machine must be in the normal condition, and the brake is flexible and reliable.

2. after finishing the alignment of the bridge erection machine, we must make a comprehensive and careful examination of the counterpart. We should check whether the front leg is vertical, whether the traverse guide beam, fish tail plate, buckle iron and stop wheel block are solid, and confirm the reliability, so that we can carry out the beam erection operation.

3, before starting the inspection track, there should be no or obstacles in the ground and the operation range. Before lifting, we should check the sensitivity of lifting and walking limit devices, and turn the air to air first.

4, before lifting operation, all of them should be tested and hung once. After tying the beam, the windlass should be brakes for 2 to 3 times. Then the beam will be suspended for a little. Check whether the wire rope has any job hopping, and whether the iron and tile of the guard beam is moving or falling, so that it can be officially operated after confirmation. The front and rear hoist hoister should have the same action and uniform force, so as to prevent the overloading of the hoist and the strenuous swing of the beam.

5. When the beam is suspended, it is not allowed to change suddenly or to reverse the car so as to avoid the swing of the beam.

6, when the beam is lifted, walking and falling, the level should be kept as far as possible.

7, frame, set up special care crane hoist wire rope, at the same time should be set up to monitor the operation of the beam on the pier.

8, the heavy wire rope, need to check once a week, according to the relevant regulations, maintenance and replacement.

9. When the work is terminated, the machine is stopped on the line, the hook is in place, the power is cut off, and the hook should not be suspended.

The installation steps of the bridge erecting machine are as follows:

1. install the 1# and 2# columns, and the 1# column is fixed with the hand hoist.

2., connect the first 3, 4 and 5 sections of the arms with the pin, then put the front and rear driving on the big arm, the size is good, and lock with the concave beam locking screws, and hang the lifting on the 1# and 2# columns.

3. the remaining 4 sections of the large arm are connected by the pin axis in numbered order.

4. of the 3 # column and 4# column installation.

5. operating table ladder operating room fixed assets.

6. the hydraulic system accessories are installed in place.

7. the rest of the accessories are installed, the installation line is fixed, the cable is distributed and connected.

8. electricity is debugged one by one.

9. test and acceptance of lifting weight.

The steps to remove the bridge erecting machine:

1. The bridge machine back patio demolition position, the long arm to the lowest point, fixed 1 # column

2. remove the accessories such as cable and wind rope.

3. the 0# and 3# columns were dismantled.

4. to 1 # before the two arm removed after 2# two arm demolition;

5. lock the screw with the curved beam, lock the big arm, withdraw the 1# and 2#, and dismantle the three arm.

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