The special features of metallurgical electric hoist

- Mar 22, 2017 -

The special features of metallurgical electric hoist?

Metallurgical electric hoist is an electric hoist designed on the basis of CD1 and MD1 wire rope electric hoist. It can be applied to high temperature environment, such as molten metal's high-temperature solid products. Metallurgical electric hoist is a safe and reliable light lifting equipment. The following is the special point of metallurgical electric hoist.

1, the metallurgical electric hoist has the upper limit double limit function. The first limit is the weight limit of the heavy hammer, and the second limit is the limit of the upper and lower fire limit of the conventional electric hoist.

2, the weight limit protection function, the electric hoist hoist 90% rated load weight limiter alarm, lifting 105% rated load electric hoist power stop work.

3, high temperature insulation protection function, the electric hoist shell under the housing design and installation of the whole machine insulation board, in order to isolate the high heat radiation of molten metal.

4. The insulation level of the hoisting motor and the running motor adopts the F level, and the overheating protection device is installed in the hoisting motor winding.

5, metallurgical electric hoist steel wire rope equipped with special high strength steel wire rope for metallurgical occasion.

6, the lifting mechanism is configured to have a brake and a safety brake, electric hoist metallurgy in normal operation, the conical braking motor brake, conical braking motor to support brake failure, when the conical motor brake failure or intermediate transmission links, installed in the gear DC electromagnetic brake system of high speed shaft of the brake to avoid heavy weight, stall risk.


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