The specification of crane wire rope

- Jan 13, 2018 -

Crane rope classification

Rope is an important lifting accessories, used in engineering cranes is very common, usually composed of many high-strength steel wire braid. It first consists of a single steel wire wound together to form a strand, and then some of the strands into a rope core, and then formed by the other shares of the outer strand around the rope into a rope. Some imported wire rope also contains a plastic ferrule inside, usually in the form of plastic coating on the core in a special treatment, the important rope in the rope is filled with the appropriate lubricant to reduce friction.

Domestic wire rope rope material generally divided into organic matter (Ma core and cotton core), asbestos core or metal core three, the rope usually without filler or lubricant inside.

The so-called non-rotating wire rope is based on the principle that the rope and the share of the torque torque in the opposite direction and the size of the same: imported wire rope is not rotating is different, the principle is to make the rope core spin and rope itself, the opposite direction, when When subjected to force, the torque generated by the rope core and the external torque generated by the same size, in the opposite direction. Wire rope according to the steel wire into shares and strands into the rope around the mutual direction and can be divided into the next along the rope and pay around the rope, and according to the twist of its strands into left and right with the same twist and left and right interactive twist; imported rope In general, the winding rope is the standard rope, providing that the direction of rotation of the rope is in line with the direction of the rotation of the outer strands of the helix relative to the longitudinal axis of the rope and is divided into left-hand and right-handed. Correspondingly, the direction of rotation of the strand is also defined, that is, the direction of the helix of the outer filaments that make up the strand, based on the longitudinal axis of the strand, is the direction of rotation per strand.

Ordinary steel wire rope in a single use, there is the opposite direction to the wire rope around the phenomenon of rotation, when used in the pulley block will be caused by the rotation of the wire rope lifting wire rope twist, commonly known as playing twist. Relative to the ordinary wire rope, the current non-rotating wire rope has begun a large number of applications. Strands of wire ropes can also be compacted by post-processing methods such as rolling or die extrusion, the diameter of the strands will decrease and the surface finish will be high. Therefore, the use of close strands of steel wire rope can use coarser wire, the same diameter, the dense strands of steel wire rope filled with a higher coefficient of breaking tension greatly improved. When the multi-layer winding on the reel, the common stock of steel wire rope in the layer between the more serious extrusion, wire rope surface wear faster. The strands of steel wire rope has a higher wear resistance and anti-extrusion ability.


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