the specification of the slide wire

- May 17, 2018 -

The specification of the sliding contact line

The crane slider line is used to provide power for mobile equipment, consisting of slide guide and collector. The slide guide rail belongs to the fixed part of the sliding contact line. It is connected with the power supply. The collector belongs to the sliding part of the crane's sliding contact line. It is connected with the mobile motor. It can slide on or in the track and contact the copper bar to obtain the electric power.

At present, there are more sliding contact line, rigid body sliding contact line, non seam sliding contact line, single pole combination sliding contact line, cable sliding contact line and so on. The protection and insulation effect are very good, very safe and reliable.

The sliding contact line is equipped with dust proof seal and hand protection, which is used in the dust and wet environment. The advantages of the single pole combination type slip line are easy to install and fast, and the slippery contact line of the rigid body crane is generally used in the equipment with high current.

The way to determine the quality of the sliding contact line: the life of carbon brush, the quality of the sliding contact line shell, the performance of the collector, the expansion problem after the length of the sliding contact line more than 100 meters, the quality of the voltage drop and so on.

When configuring the skid line for the crane, the first thing to be paid attention to is to configure the crane specifications. The slippery lines that do not conform to the specifications are not only inconvenient, but also more likely to bring risks due to bad contact and so on.

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