The structure characteristics and product function of the bridge erecting machine

- Mar 28, 2018 -

The structure characteristics and product function of the bridge erecting machine

Bridge erecting machine is a large hoisting equipment that builds bridges. It will often be seen in the construction process of highway bridges and railway bridges to put beams and beams into designated locations.

The structure of bridge erecting machine is composed of main beam, lifting car, front leg, middle leg, walking track, hydraulic and electrical device and so on.

1) main girder: triangular truss structure, welded by steel and steel plate, is the main bearing member of the bridge erecting machine, divided into two columns, each column is 54 meters in length. For the convenience of transportation, each main beam is divided into 6 sections, connected by the pin shaft. The two column of the main beam is connected by the rear cross beam, the front frame and the front leg cross beam. A square steel track girder chord top pin. The lifting trolley is walking on the track to carry on the crane beam bridge operation.

2) front frame: welded by steel, the total length can be adjusted according to requirements, it is located in the two column of the front beam, the two beam through bolts together, erecting beam or curved bridge, its angle adjustment function.

3) cross beam: beam type steel welding, it is installed in the two column of the back end of the main beam, the two ends of the beam can be adjusted through the connection with the girder flange and the rotary bearing, erect or curved bridge bridge, self adjusting angle.

4) trolley: it has a vertical shift gear box, a rotary support, supported beam, transverse gearbox, winch and pulley etc., is to enhance, transport and erection of precast beam, motor gearbox based on cycloidal reducer and gear group will transfer power to the wheels, the vertical shift in gear box the longitudinal shift operation and shifting wheel along the transverse load operation. By adjusting the rotation angle can be obtained to meet the bearing beam and curved bridge erection.

5) front leg: it has the front wheel box, the steering flange, the long cylinder column, the upper and lower beams and the hydraulic lifting device. The front leg is installed at the front end of the two main beam, which is the front support of the bridge and the cross shift running mechanism of the bridge frame.

6) middle leg: the double deck wheel box structure is connected to the whole by the saddle, the pin shaft and the bolt. The angle can be adjusted through the rotating flange to facilitate the work of the skew and curved bridge.

7) The transversal track of the middle leg and the transverse track of the front leg, steel plate and steel rail are composed of steel welding, are respectively arranged in the roller box and the front leg wheel box is lower, the rail bridge girder erection machine frame beam.

8) electrical system: the circuit on the electrical system uses AC 380V power supply, frequency 50HZ, control circuit using 380V voltage control. The centralized control of distribution cabinet is adopted. Each single mechanism is controlled by cross switch, and the whole power is 54kw (excluding beam carrier). The grounding device of the bridge erecting machine must be set up in the lateral rail.

This is the role and characteristics of the different mechanism of the bridge erecting machine, and through the various components to make up the whole of the bridge erecting machine, to complete a variety of large lifting work.


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