The structure of unlading platform

- Apr 11, 2018 -

the Structure and Purpose of the hydraulic unloading platform

The unloading platform (also known as loading and unloading platform, unloading port or cargo platform, cargo height adjustment board, etc.). It is an important part of the whole facility process of an enterprise. Loading and unloading platform is the starting point and end point of material circulation in facilities. The platform is used for loading and unloading operation to connect the bridge between cargo platform and truck tail gap. Different types of freight cars are higher than or lower than cargo terminals. The loading and unloading platform will rise and descend to the end of the truck, so that the fork lift truck can enter the truck safely and smoothly.

1, unloading platform structure: there are three parts: base, bearing plate and power system.

The base is fixed with the loading and unloading platform, the bearing board is divided into the main board and the board, and the main board is raised by the power system in use. When the main board is fully promoted, the board starts to rise. When the board rises to the same level as the main board, the lift stops and turns down to the floor of the carriage. At this time, the bridge between loading and unloading platform and truck is completed, and the moving tool can quickly and safely return to work in the carriage.

2. unload platform used modern loading and unloading platform usually equipped with platform height adjustment board. The height adjustment board of the cargo platform is one of the auxiliary equipment for industrial logistics handling and loading and unloading. Usually, it is installed in the loading and unloading terminal to regulate the height difference and clearance between the unloading terminal and the transport truck. Ensure that handling tools (such as mobile forklift or manual hydraulic pallet truck) can freely enter and enter the truck compartment for loading and unloading.


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