The using method of gantry crane brake

- Jun 28, 2018 -

The using method of gantry crane brake  

Brake is an important part of mechanical equipment, and it is also a safety guarantee for machinery and equipment, especially heavy machinery such as gantry crane. In order to ensure the safe operation of gantry cranes, we should learn how to use the brake correctly.

1. Emergency braking

If a gantry crane is on the way, if there is an emergency situation, it is too late to use the method of early deceleration. We should use emergency brake to stop at the shortest interval. At the same time, we should use the brake and the parking brake at the same time to enhance the braking effect. At the same time, we should pay attention to the purpose of the front, and use the steering wheel to control the direction of the skiing when necessary, so as to avoid serious attacks. This brake has great influence on the service life of the equipment and should be prevented as far as possible.

2. Downhill road brake

Under the long slope, it is strictly forbidden to hang the empty skate. It should be hung in low speed gear or using the exhaust deceleration brake installation at the downhill. When the Longmen crane is too fast, it can be used to brake. If the brake is invalid, the speed of the car can be reduced by hand braking.

3. Muddy/ice and snow tread

When driving on muddy and water snow roads, due to the small adhesion coefficient, the side mounted vehicle is easy to slip. Therefore, the speed should be reduced as far as possible, in special circumstances, the throttle is loosened in time so that it can slow down itself and avoid the use of brakes, especially to avoid emergency braking, so as to avoid accidents.

4. common braking

When a driver or vehicle arrives at the destination or finds a condition, it should take an early recovery of the throttle and slow down the truck. When the truck is close to the target, then step on the brake pedal to stop. Especially when trailers and other vehicles are tracked, it is easier for them to slow down earlier and to step on the brakes because they are prone to impact.

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