Track Rail construction of Bridge Crane

- Jan 11, 2004 -

Key points to set up track for bridge crane

For the convenience and better operation of bridge cranes, crane rails will be built. There are many points to be noticed in the process of establishing crane tracks, which are very important. Here we are going to discuss these points of attention.

The top 1, crane rail is convex, the bottom is flat with a certain width, which increases the contact surface with the base. The cross section of the track is mostly I-shaped, and has good bending strength. The steel can be regarded as a flat rail, due to wheel wear, generally used only for metallurgical crane from the weight of the smaller, slower, less frequent crane.

2, the joints of crane rail joints are usually from one to two millimeters. When the temperature is lower than the annual temperature and the difference is twenty degrees above the temperature in the cold area, the temperature compensation gap should be considered, and the four to six millimeters should be considered. The joint of the track can be a straight head, and it can also be made into a forty-five degree angle joint. The inclined joint can make the wheel smooth transition at the joint. The lateral dislocation and height difference of the two track at the joint shall not be more than one millimeter. Welded rail joint order is from top to bottom, after the end of the first rail rail, rail, welding layer by road for the last patch around. Welding the rail joints, rail fixed temporary fixtures for welding.

3, when welding, when welding each layer of welding rail bottom, we should use one electrode to finish welding, and avoid welding with electrodes in the middle. The welding direction of the two layers should be the opposite. The welding work of each rail joint should be carried out continuously. So that the end of the rail is kept at high temperature.

4, after welding, when the stress relief heat treatment after cooling has not been before, beware of rain and other wet heat; copper can be removed with water cooling, in order to facilitate the next time. When the solder bump is too large, the grinding wheel grinder for grinding process until flush with the rail head, and finally polished surface.

5, track spacing should be based on the size of auxiliary span gantry crane. Rail longitudinal slope is not allowed to exceed one percent. When the value exceeds this value, the driving power and stability of the whole car should be tested. If it does not meet the requirements, it should be corrected to meet the requirement, so it can be put into operation.


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