trial run before using electric hoist to prolong th service life

- May 11, 2018 -

In order to prolong the service life of electric hoist, trial run should be carried out before using electric hoist.

1. All the mechanical parts, equipment, electrical wiring and equipment of the product have been installed and debugged according to the relevant standard procedures of the equipment technical documents and standard CB50278-98.

2. Before the commissioning of electric hoist, the local technical supervision department and the owner should be submitted to the local technical supervision department and the professional staff of the supervision party to participate in the whole process of the inspection and inspection of the test transportation.

3. During the trial operation, each test procedure should be done according to the regulations and the results of all the commissioning should be approved by the three representatives of the construction, supervision and construction units.

4. The crane is not allowed to be used until it has obtained the use certificate of the technical supervision and management department.

5. The test before the test and the test operation of the air load.

6. The safety interlocking devices, brakes, lighting and signal systems in the electrical system are installed and conform to the specifications.

The action should be sensitive, accurate and reliable.

7. Wire rope end fixing and its winding on hook, pulley block and reel should be correct and reliable.

8. The performance, type and quantity of the lubricating oil and grease that are newly added to each lubricating point and reducer should meet the requirements in the technical documents of the equipment.

9. The brake wheel of each moving mechanism is used to check whether the brake clearance and working stroke are in accordance with the prescribed value of the equipment technical documents. Otherwise, the clearance should be adjusted, and the gap between the two brake shoes and the brake wheels should be uniform.

10, the direction of operation of the control mechanism should be consistent with the operation direction of the electric hoist. When starting the motor, its operation should be normal. When the car is running, it should not clamp the rail, and the brakes should be accurate and reliable.

11. During the trial run, the number of actions should be no less than 5 times, and the action should be accurate. Otherwise, the next trial run is not allowed. After the test operation of the electric hoist is qualified, the application should be made to the local technical supervision organization, the static load and the dynamic load shall be carried out, and the time and the method of test should be drawn up by the technical supervision, the engineering supervision and the owners. And participate in the whole process of trial run and final evaluation of trial run.


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