What are the requirements of no load test of the single beam crane?

- Jan 18, 2018 -

What are the requirements of no load test of the single beam crane? 

1. The direction of operating the crane mechanism and the running direction of the single beam crane should meet the design requirements.

2. The motor of each mechanism should be operated separately, and the operation should be normal and the no-load current is measured.

3. The action of all safety protection devices and brakes should be accurate and reliable.

4. Electrical equipment, such as distribution screen, cabinet, motor, controller and other electrical equipment, should work normally.

5. Every operation and lifting mechanism should be at least three times along the whole course. There should be no abnormal phenomenon.

6. The speed of cable and cable collecting should be in accordance with the speed of the operating mechanism.

7, two or more electric motor driving mechanism and hoisting mechanism running in the right direction, starting and stopping should be synchronized.


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