What are the welding standards for gantry cranes?

- Sep 09, 2017 -

For large cranes such as gantry cranes, the success or failure of welding is mainly determined by correct guidance. We will judge the welding of this gantry crane. There are many ways to see it:

Welding process factors affecting the tensile strength and bending properties of welded joints, including welding methods, base material categories, electrode grades, protective gas types, etc.. If any of these factors change, then the entire gantry crane will have to re evaluate the welding process.

Don't underestimate some secondary factors, not to change some secondary factors without re evaluation, said the secondary factors are not important, if you encounter a seam on the crane is operated by two or more than two kinds of welding methods, it should have for each welding process or welding process were assessed. Of course, portfolio evaluation is also possible.

Therefore, for the gantry crane welding standards, must have the correct specification guidance, in order to avoid detours, and make the function of the gantry crane can play the biggest. Do not for this reason affect the use of the equipment.

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