What is air operation and ground operation overhead crane

- Jan 24, 2018 -

Operating method of overhead crane is divided into two kinds, one is air operation, the other is ground operation.

Air operation, as name says, is operation in the air. It is also called cab operation. Because cab is installed at the bottom of one side of overhead crane, and since overhead crane is in the air after installation, so cab is in the air, operator has to control the crane in the cab, it is so-called air/cab operation.

Ground operation is divided into two kinds, wired control and wireless control. Wired control is that operator controls overhead crane in the ground by connecting control line and handle. While wireless control is operated by remote control in the ground by operator. Usually clients choose wireless control for small capacity overhead crane because its convenience. And they choose cab operation for large capacity overhead crane, because crane can run faster than ground operation overhead crane.

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