What is the application of the double beam bridge crane?

- Sep 09, 2017 -

Double beam bridge crane is a kind of hoisting equipment. It is an important tool and equipment to realize the mechanization and automation of the production process in modern industrial production and lifting transportation. Therefore, the double beam bridge crane has been widely used in indoor and outdoor, industrial and mining enterprises, iron and steel, chemical, rail transportation, port terminals, logistics and other departments and places.

Overhead traveling crane has two beam bridge crane, single beam bridge crane, Longmen / semi gantry crane operation rules. Each has a different operating procedure. For example, double beam bridge crane, before work, the brakes, hooks, wire rope and safety devices and other components according to the requirements of the inspection card inspection, abnormal phenomena should be ruled out. Second, the operator must be able to close the main power supply when the station or track is left unattended. When the power circuit breaker is locked or has a sign, the original person concerned should be removed and the main power supply can be closed.

In each class the first time lifting weights (or load maximum weight), should be hanging from the ground height 0.5 meters, will re load down, check the brake performance, reliable confirmation, then normal operation. The operator shall call the bell for the following operations in accordance with the regulations. Lifting or lowering heavy objects; driving large or small cars. Crane driving in sight is not clear, when passing, we should continuously call the bell to alarm; 3. Crane moving close to the inside, another heavy machine. Heavy lifting, approaching personnel, etc., there are many major places. Of course, in addition to work, before work, there are still some work after the notes and operating procedures are required to keep in mind.

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