What is the function of the pressure sensor in the lifting machine?

- Jan 18, 2018 -

What is the function of the pressure sensor in the lifting machine?

What type of hoisting machinery needs to use pressure sensor products? 

What function does it play? 

What are the current pressure sensors?

Pressure sensors are quite common at present, including two kinds of piezoresistive pressure sensors and piezoelectric pressure sensors. In fact, pressure transducers are in principle: converting pressure into voltage (current) signals, and input them to identification circuits. In order to control the normal work of the organization or not!

At present, the multi pressure sensor is the weight limit pressure sensor, and the angle, displacement, torque and so on!

The crane used in the ship is a hydraulic pump, and each mechanism is driven by a hydraulic motor. Pressure sensors or pressure switches are needed in the system. Some other hydraulic driven cranes also use pressure sensors or pressure switches. In general, a pressure sensor is installed as long as the torque is limited.


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