What maintenance work should be done on a bridge launching crane

- Mar 28, 2018 -

What maintenance work should be done on a bridge launching crane

Bridge erecting machine is a lifting device for building bridges. As equipment is used in large-scale projects such as railway bridges and road bridges, special attention should be paid to maintenance and inspection work to ensure safety and stability of equipment.

What maintenance work should be done on a bridge erecting machine regularly:

1. the working performance and life of each mechanism of the lubrication bridge erecting machine depends largely on the lubrication. During the lubrication, the maintenance and lubrication of the mechanical and electrical products are referred to their own instructions, and the grease should be injected once a week. Attention should be paid to the broken wire of wire rope. The new rope should be replaced in time when the broken wire, the broken stock or the wear amount have reached the scrap standard.

2. The hanger must be checked regularly.

3. The sliding wheel group of the bridge erecting machine mainly checks the wear of the rope groove, the flange has no crack and the pulley is stuck on the shaft.

4. wheels and treads are checked regularly, and a new wheel should be replaced when the flange part of the wheel is worn or cracked to reach 10% thickness.

5. the bridge mechanism should be checked once every class. The brake should be accurate, and the pin should not be stuck. The brake shoe should be properly fitted to the brake wheel, and the clearance of the brake shoe should be equal when the sluice is loosed.

The bridge erecting machine should be maintained regularly to determine that the equipment will not be malfunctioning now, and the second is able to ensure the safety of the operator and the project.


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