What should be paid attention to the selection of the electrical system of the bridge crane

- Jun 28, 2016 -

What should be paid attention to the selection of the electrical system of the bridge crane

The electrical system occupies a considerable position in the whole operating system of the bridge crane, and plays an essential role. This requires the staff, whether the design department or the manufacturing department, in the process of work, for the selection and design of the electrical parts of the bridge crane, we must strive for perfection. So what should be paid attention to the material selection of the electrical part of the bridge type crane?

One of the first factors to consider, whether in electrical or electrical components, is the continuity of electricity. Because the electric sustained rate at run time with the different size of the electrical current or power output of the system is not the same, if the power connection duration rate is too low, so in a fixed work period, the electrical system of bridge crane work time will be shorter, but this is not the result we want.

We all know that the electrical connection of the number of times is the number of bridge crane in a fixed period of work, so in the selection of electrical components, in addition to considering the power connection duration rate, but also consider how much power frequencies, when necessary, may be appropriate to reduce the rated current value of the motor.

The common bridge type crane mainly adopts electric power drive, which is usually operated in the driver's room and has long distance control. The weight can reach 500 tons and the span is up to 60 meters. The general bridge crane with large weight is easy to install and adjust, and the drive device often uses universal coupling. Generally, the crane operating mechanism only uses 4 active and driven wheels. If the weight is large, the wheel pressure is often used to reduce the wheel pressure. When the wheel is over 4, a hinged balanced frame device must be used so that the load of the crane is evenly distributed on the wheels.

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