When should change the oil of mini crane

- Apr 28, 2018 -

For the small crane, the engine is the heart of a small crane. There are many friction metal surfaces in the engine, which are fast, poor, and working temperature. Under such harsh conditions, only qualified lubricants can reduce wear and prolong service life of engine parts.

The condition of the oil directly determines the life span of the small crane engine.

In fact, when the crane is working normally, there are not many oil in trumpets. But for various reasons, the oil will be polluted frequently. For example:

During the operation of the crane diesel engine, a lot of fuel will not be completely burned, and the rest will enter the oil tank and cause pollution to the oil.

After the crane is overhauled, it must change the oil so as not to cause dust, dust and impurities to enter the oil tank.

So once this happens, new oil must be replaced in time. Avoid deterioration of engine performance or damage to engine due to the deterioration of oil quality.

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