Which electric hoist should be used in high temperature environment

- Jul 19, 2014 -

Which electric hoist should be used in high temperature environment

What kind of electric hoist is the best way to work in the high temperature environment?

What is the range of the high temperature environment, if the temperature of the working environment is not higher than 60? It is suggested that you use a metallurgical electric hoist. The working grade of the metallurgical electric hoist of the wire rope is M5 and M6, and its use site can not contain inflammable, explosive and corrosive gases. This type of product is not only set up a dual brake and set a double lifting limit and drop limit device, and set the over-current protection, under voltage protection, phase sequence protection, overload limiter, lift the weight down speed over power protection multiple safety protection device. The safety performance of the electric hoist is enhanced.

The most important thing is that it has the function of heat insulation, which is also the irreplaceable of the ordinary gourd. High temperature heat insulation function is mainly realized by heat insulation plate and the heat insulation plate is installed on the hoist drum and the shell is designed to isolate the molten metal of the heat radiation; insulation level rise and the operation of the motor by F, the lifting motor winding is arranged in the overheat protection device; hoist wire rope part configuration is high the strength of high temperature resistant wire rope metallurgical special occasions.

Wire rope electric hoist is specially used for hoisting molten metal or other high-temperature solid products, so it is generally used in industrial and mining enterprises and metallurgical foundry.


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