Why does the gantry crane motor can't speed up?

- Jun 16, 2018 -

Why does the gantry crane motor can't speed up?

When running gantry crane, sometimes meets the situation that the motor does not normally speed up. What?

1, frequency or current setting value in the parameter of frequency converter is biased. If frequency is set at low value point, the frequency will be limited so that it can not rise, and the motor can not be higher speed.

2, AC power supply or frequency converter output phase, the power supply phase makes the output voltage of the frequency converter lower, the output phase of the inverter causes the unbalanced three-phase voltage to produce negative sequence torque, which will cause the motor electromagnetic torque to be smaller, and can not drive the load acceleration.

3, the input signal of the frequency converter is not correct, the speed control potentiometer or the cam touch the electric contact is bad, or the related component damage, or the terminal loosening agent break the line, make the frequency converter given value can not rise, causing the motor to not rise normally.


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