Why electric hoist motor appear abnormal noise?

- Mar 21, 2010 -

Why electric hoist motor appear abnormal noise?

Why electric hoist motor sometimes appear abnormal sound? Is the crane quality problem?

Electric hoist operation abnormal abnormal noise, many problems with electric hoist, such as control of electrical appliances, motors or reducers and other failures, often accompanied by abnormal noise, the location of the noise and the sound level and the tone varies with the cause of the fault, overhaul , To listen to see more, you can use or according to the characteristics of fault sound, determine the location of the sound, looking for and overhauling the fault.

  (1) Abnormal noise occurs on the control loop and emits "hum" noise. Generally, there is a fault in the contactor (such as bad contact of AC contactor, voltage level mismatch, core stuck, etc.) Instrument maintenance, repair can not be replaced, after treatment, the noise self-elimination.

  (2) When the motor sends abnormal noise, it should stop immediately to check whether the motor is running in single phase, or the bearing is damaged, the shaft of the coupling is not right and the "sweep bore" and other faults will make the motor have abnormal noise and different fault sound position And the level and tone is different, when the single-phase operation, the entire motor issued a law suddenly jolt "buzzing" sound; and bearing damage, will be in the vicinity of the bearing, accompanied by "boast - boast" buzzing " However, when the shaft of the coupling is not positive or the motor is slightly swept, the entire motor emits a very high "buzzing" noise, sometimes accompanied by a sharp, harsh sound. In short, should be based on the different noise, identify the fault, the item-by-item overhaul to restore the normal performance of the motor, when the motor failure is not handled, the ban on the use of gourd.

  (3) abnormal noise from the reducer, reducer failure (such as gearbox or bearing the lack of oil, gear wear or damage, bearing damage, etc.), then stop checking, first determine the reducer gearbox or bearing Whether the lubricant is added before use and whether the lubricant should be replaced regularly should not be lubricated as required. Not only does the reducer produce excessive "buzzing" sound, but also excessive wear or damage of gears and bearings.


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