Why not allowed slant lifting

- Mar 01, 2018 -

The crane operator shall not carry on the slant-pull slant, that is, rising steel rope to pass through the centre of gravity of the suspension, and maintain the vertical, that is not allowed to slant-pull slant. Why not allowed you slant hang?

1. The slant produces inertia and endangers the people around
2. The skew may be overloaded

If you want to lift a Q weight object from the ground, vertical lifting, steel rope Zhanglis as long as Q or slightly larger than Q, weight can leave the ground.
But if the cable is pulled, it will angle the vertical line of the ground. According to the principle of mechanics, tension S acting on the wire rope can be broken down into force P moving vertically and force F moving horizontally. To lift an object off the ground, P is at least Q. At the same time F increases with the increase of angle. In other words, the greater the angle of the skew, the greater the force of the wire rope when the same weight is suspended. Therefore, if a heavy object is loaded up while lifting vertically, it is bound to be overloaded when lifting diagonally, even if the wire rope is pulled off

In addition, the horizontal force F produced by the slant is affected by friction before the weight leaves the ground. Immediately after leaving the ground, the object will swing towards the vertical center, which may cause an accident due to crowding with the hang, the surrounding crew or other objects.
In short, if the slant, not only can cause the overload to break the wire rope, but also can cause heavy objects and people wiggle, thus causing personal and equipment accidents.


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