Wind Resistance Analysis of Cranes

- May 09, 2016 -

Analysis of Crane Wind Resistance

1. Crane wind resistance proposed

The wind resistance of the crane is an important issue in the design of lifting equipment. The relevant safety regulations and provisions specify the wind-resistant safety facilities that an overhead crane should have. However, large-scale port orbit crane wind damage accidents have occurred, in severe cases, several cranes collapsed into the sea.


In the face of an accident, it is reasonable to suspect that the original provisions and the correctness of the theory are understandable even if new theories are put forward and new wind-resistant devices are introduced. However, it is more beneficial to analyze the causes of accidents carefully and objectively, to find commonalities in accidents and to solve problems scientifically and thoroughly.


2. Crane wind resistance common ground

What are the commonalities of the accident? First, the quantification of the wind at the site of a typhoon is very vague. Both of them say that the wind is very large, but no one can say how big the wind is. However, there is not much wind on the local weather, for example over 12 levels. The local wind disaster photos, video comparison of Beaufort scale on the description of wind at all levels, all the wind on the scene are not more than 1O level. How could such a level of wind blow the crane? Puzzled people suggested that the wind at the site of wind damage was not a general wind, but a wind in the wind, or a wind like a tornado. There may be such a wind, but this wind seems to be dedicated to the crane scratch, even close to the trees, buildings, but survived, it is a bit strange.

The commonality of the accident was also the fact that all the hoisting cranes in the hoisting equipment were subjected to the gliding process without exception before falling over.

Brakes are important safety components of overhead traveling crane. They have the function of preventing the falling objects from falling and stopping. Only the intact brakes can guarantee the accuracy and safety of crane operation. Brakes will appear in the crane operation Insufficient, sudden brake failure, brake wheel temperature is too high and brake pads smoking, brake arm does not open, and other mechanical failure.

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