Working principle of single beam bridge cranes

- May 15, 2018 -

Single beam bridge crane?

The "bridge crane" refers to the type of crane which is hung on a lifting trolley or Hoist which can walk along a bridge. And the crane is directly supported by the operating device on the overhead rail to connect the ends of the bridge. The crane is called "bridge type crane". The Appearance is a single beam bridge crane.

Working principle of single beam bridge crane

1, the main parts of the crane: a bridge equipped with a large trolley running mechanism, a lifting hoist, electrical equipment, a driving mechanism etc. The shape of a bridge crane is similar to a single span steel bridge with two ends supporting two parallel tracks. The function of lifting mechanism is to lift or reduce goods in the vertical direction, and the function of the lifting trolley is to carry the horizontal movement with the lifting goods; the bridge and the big car running mechanism can make the lifting small car and the articles to carry on the longitudinal movement, so that the three dimension space which is made up within the span and the specified height can be used for handling and loading and unloading.

2, the bridge crane is the most widely used and the largest existing amount of rail operating crane, its rated weight from tons to hundreds of tons. Generally speaking, bridge crane type used is the Hook Bridge Crane.


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