You need to pay more attention when bridge crane lifting hazardous chemicals

- Jan 12, 2015 -

you need to pay attention when Bridge crane lifting hazardous chemicals

Due to the dangerous nature of hazardous chemicals, if the overhead traveling crane needs to lift hazardous chemicals such as explosives and liquid hydrogen tanks, it should strictly follow the relevant standard of hoisting operation and pay attention to the following items:

   1, overhead cranes used for lifting dangerous chemicals must meet the special requirements of hazardous chemicals lifting operation in terms of working level and explosion-proof performance.

   2, overhead cranes in the process of lifting dangerous goods should be kept smooth operation, soothing, pay attention to gently, and avoid excessive or excessive movements, shaking and other volatile operations, so as not to pose a danger.

   3, waiting for the lifting of hazardous chemicals should be fully protective, in order to avoid hazardous chemicals in the lifting operations due to banding, packing unsafe and leakage occurs, and then bring safety hazards.

   4. In addition to the need to have on-the-job operations, relevant qualifications and certificates, bridge crane drivers engaged in the operation of hazardous chemicals lifting should also be properly protected against the dangers of hazardous chemicals, such as wearing Isolation of toxic gas safety shield, wear insulation equipment.

   5. For hazardous consequences of improper lifting of hazardous chemicals, relevant units should prepare safety equipment such as fire extinguishers, warning lines and escape routes, emergency plans and measures for emergency sheltering at the site where overhead traveling crane works.


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