Hydraulic Port Jib Crane

Hydraulic Port Jib Crane

Hydraulic port jib crane

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Hydraulic port jib crane

Through the hydraulic cylinder lift and expansion system to use the pulley wire rope to achieve the lifting, slewing and lifting of the goods, the crane has compact structure, strong maneuverability, convenient operation, safety and reliability, and high efficiency, which is deeply trusted by the sales people. The modern ship crane 7 tons 8 tons of marine hydraulic slewing crane is Modern crane as part of special field development of customized products, can be installed in the ship cabin / ship crane, installed in the dock to dock crane, mounted on rails and track crane mounted on a fixed hydraulic warehouse workshop crane. Diesel power source and motor motive source can be selected according to the requirement. 

The performance parameters of 7 tons and 8 tons of marine hydraulic slewing crane parameters and lifting capacity

 MHICRANE marine crane 7 tons ship hydraulic slewing crane crane type technical parameters: MC704; maximum lifting weight: 7000KG; 

maximum lifting torque: 160000N.m; 

jib section number the four section:; 

rotating speed: 2r/min; 

rotation angle: + 360 degrees; 

the jib crane speed: 1-75/13 ~ /S; 

arm extending speed: 7.98/28 m/S; 

maximum working radius: 9.3/12.08m; 

jib arm length: 3.9-9.55/4.2-12.32m; 

hydraulic system pressure: 19MPa; 

fuel tank volume: 100L; 

single rope pulling: 13250N;

maximum speed:  30m/min; 

single rope wire rope diameter * length: 10mm*78m/10mm*98m; 

motor power: 7.5KW 

height: 2210mm+ base deck crane.

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