160T Bridge Machine Installation In Indonesia

- Jul 16, 2018 -

The Bridge Machine Installation work finished on 16th, JUL.2018 Jakarta, Indonesia. Engineer Team from MHICRANE.

The Bridge Crane is 160Tons Capacity, 40m Span, customized main beam structure, less space between the two main beam. 

The 40m span beam launching crane can be used for built different Span Bridges with a span length which is <=40 meter length girder.

Applicable skew bridge angle: 0-45degree

Trolley Lifting Speed: 0.8m/min

Trolley longitudinal moving speed:4.25m/min

Cart longitudinal moving speed:4.25m/min

Cart Transverse moving speed: 2.45m/min

MHICRANE is developing various highway cranes adapting to the different working and using requirements such as skew bridge, curved bridge, dislocation bridge, heavy beam, variable beam, double-direction construction, construction in tunnels. etc.

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