Bridge Crane Operation Principle

- Sep 09, 2017 -

The operating mechanism of the universal bridge crane has four walking wheels (larger tonnage is eight walking wheels), and four wheels are taken as an example, and two ends of the two end beams are respectively arranged at two ends of the end beam. Two of them are active wheels, and the two ones are passive wheels. The driving mechanism of the driving wheel is separately driven, that is, the two sets of symmetrical and independent driving device are installed on the walking platform of the crane.

The reducer of the running mechanism of the crane adopts a full sealed hard toothed surface reducer (accuracy 8-7-7 class), and the inner gears and bearings of the reducer are lubricated by oil bath. The oil level gauge and the oil drain hole on the gear reducer are convenient for routine inspection and maintenance. And ensure that all reducer in normal operation, without shaft, gear and oil leakage phenomenon.

All the cranes are made of rolling bearings, and the structure of the brake is a single push rod block brake. The brake wheel wheel surface has the advantages of wear resistance, shock resistance, good heat radiation performance, smooth friction surface and no defect. The friction lining of the brake is in good contact with the brake wheel, and has good abrasion resistance and convenient replacement.

All the components of the crane are connected by gear couplings. In this way, the error generated even in the manufacture and installation, or due to the load caused by the deformation of the bridge components of each other, can also be compensated by the gear coupling, does not affect the normal work of crane agencies.

The active and passive wheel axles of the crane are supported on the angular bearing housing, so that the structure is easy to assemble, disassemble and overhaul.

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