Crane Maintenance Requirements

- Sep 09, 2017 -

First of all: lifting equipment, before leaving the factory, to do an identity record. Before the installation of safety inspection and maintenance: the main institutions to check the performance of equipment integrity, visible defect inspection of the main steel structure and connecting piece and a pin, bolt, corrosion, surface inspection equipment installation record, issued opinions.

Next: lifting equipment is maintained and maintained by special personnel. After the equipment is delivered, the daily maintenance shall be handled by the operator of the equipment or the full-time personnel of the service unit, and the installation and maintenance units shall have the duty to supervise and examine the contents of the routine maintenance. The main contents of daily maintenance are summarized as "cross operation method": cleaning, fastening, lubrication, adjustment and corrosion protection. A day before classes, the class at the end of 10 to 30 minutes, patrol equipment each part, each part is normal, according to the provisions of lubrication, pay attention to the mechanical operation sound is normal, do the clean work and shift work, in order to achieve the normal operation of equipment neat appearance, the purpose of daily maintenance records and shift records to be made into a fixed form. And as the archives management.

Once again: lifting equipment should undergo regular physical examination. Equipment in the process of regular inspection and maintenance: in the specified time for mechanical equipment maintenance and repair several times, to clean, lubrication, adjustment, disassembly, overhaul as the central content. Generally by the maintenance personnel and operators together to complete.

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