Different Installation Types Of Cranes

- Sep 09, 2017 -

Cranes are divided into two types: bridge type cranes (bridge cranes, gantry cranes) and boom cranes. Depending on the installation method, the crane can be divided into the following types.

A crane mounted on a chassis of a specially designed pneumatic tire. Get on the combination of an engine, not on the road to long distances, with no legs lifting and lifting driving function, suitable for the freight yard, wharf, site and other mobile distance Limited places for weight lifting.

The car will be installed in the crane crane: general or special automobile chassis, the truck performance equivalent to the same vehicle weight low disk, to meet the requirements of road vehicle technology, which can pass in all kinds of road. It is the largest and most widely used crane type.

Off-road tire crane: crane function similar to the tire crane, but also can be carried out without lifting legs and lifting weight. The engines are all mounted on the chassis, with two axles and four large diameter cross-country tread tires. It is a powerful flexible tyre crane with extended performance.

Special crane: a special crane designed to accomplish a particular task. As for mechanized troops in the off-road vehicle or vehicle mounted crane rescue truck mounted with tactical technical support, for dealing with traffic accidents; road wrecker, such as.

All terrain crane can like automobile crane as fast transfer, long distance travel, and meet in Xia Xiaohe bumpy or operation of the muddy pitch, driving speed, full wheel steering, large clearance, high climbing capacity, without leg lifting and other functions, is a great development the future of products.

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