How To Prevent The Crane From Tipping Over?

- Sep 09, 2017 -

The lifting mechanism consists of operating mechanism, lifting mechanism, luffing mechanism and slewing mechanism, combined with metal mechanism, power unit, operation control and necessary auxiliary device. Gantry crane is a full slewing jib crane with portal type base. To prevent the crane from tipping over, pay attention to the following items:

The road crane must be level, solid and reliable, and the parking area must be flat. The underground soft soil layer and foundation pit shall be compacted and strengthened, and the pavement shall be flat and solid. If necessary, the crane shall be paved with sleepers, subgrade boxes or thick steel tracks.

The crane should avoid driving at full load, full load or near full load, no simultaneously lifting and rotary two movements, so as to avoid uneven roads or inertia force and other reasons, caused by crane overload, and lead to a rollover accident.

When two hoisting machines work at the same time, the suspension structure of the two machine hook should keep the safety distance of more than 5 meters, so as to avoid collision accidents;

Vertical and large components must be checked for weight and strapping reliability. Components of unknown weight or strapping shall not be hoisted to prevent the boom of the crane from breaking;

When lifting, there should be a special person responsible for unified command. The conductor shall be located where the operator is able to see and see the lifting process clearly. Command signal should be unified in advance, the signal should be clear and accurate.

The lifting member, sling to remain vertical, shall not exceed the crane slewing radius of oblique towing, to avoid overloading and wire rope slippage or broken rope, the crane instability. Heavy lifting member shall be provided with tension rope. When the crane is vertical, the boom shall be lifted, lowered and turned smoothly. It shall not be rocked in the air, and emergency braking or shock or vibration shall be avoided as much as possible.

The slings and rings of lashing structures shall be calculated, and the lifting tools shall be inspected and checked periodically to replace the damaged ones.

In the course of hoisting, if the power or mechanical failure occurs, the operation must be taken when the work is interrupted, and the lift of the component shall not be suspended.

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