Hydraulic Scissor Lift Powered With Battery Finish Manufacturing

- Apr 12, 2018 -

There are three types of scissor lifts in henan modern heavy industry & technology co., ltd,the first one is standard hydraulic scissor lift which is equipped with four wheels and four outriggers, it can not be moved by man because the dead weight of lift is over 1000kg, the lift can only be pulled by truck or car, but price is low, working performance is good too.  


The second type is fully automatic scissor lift which can move easily and working performance is better, with one person to control horizontal moving and lifting up and down, price is the highest for this type, if you have enough budget, you can choose this kind.

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The third type is hydraulic scissor lift powered with battery, this type scissor lift can be moved by man because of battery equipped, price is between standard scissor lift and fully automatic scissor lift. The lift is equipped with three big wheels and two small wheels, if your budget is not enough and don't like standard hydraulic scissor lift or don't have pulling device to move standard hydraulic scissor lift, you can choose this type. There are stock for these three types scissor lift, if you need any of these lifts, contact us info@cranes-china.com


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