Installation Of 100Ton Truck Dumper In Turkey

- Dec 16, 2017 -

MHICRANE is always focus on the reasearch and develop and producing of the Cranes and Lifting Platforms in the Crane Industry Park, Xinxiang City, China.

In Dec. 2017, our engineer was invited to Turkey for the 100T Truck Unloding Platform, which is 3 meter width, and total length 12m. The Installation and commissioning was been finished within 10 days.

The Advantage of MHICRANE Hydraulic truck unloading system

With high-precision synchronous detection tracking system, real time tracking and rectify. Accuracy of 5 mm. Ensure stable of up and down during unloading process.  Once it exceeds the set value, the system will automatically lock and alarm and display the cause of the malfunction, to ensure that no accidents.

Pipeline burst protection system: If the extreme cases happened (such as pipeline external force damage burst), the system will automatically protect and stop the hydraulic platform, there will no suddenly out of control to drop.

5. Synchronization system: proportional valve (Yuken brand) to be used to control two cylinders lifting synchronization, higher precision, long service life.

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100t 12m 3mW (2).jpg

100t 12m 3mW (1).jpg

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