Knowledge Popularization Of Crane Swing Arm Crane

- Sep 30, 2017 -

Lifting equipment is one of the most important equipment of modernization, its event rate has always been high, crane crane arm, which many factors, including design, use, protection, etc. are not in place will lead to security incidents. It is urgent to cut back the operation of the lifting equipment from the following aspects.

1, to strengthen the professional knowledge of the operator, as well as to improve the inspection staff of the business level. Operators do not only need to strengthen the inspection and understanding of the rules and regulations, understand the production process, the weak process of equipment, so as to develop a practical inspection work guide documents to ensure the quality of inspection.

2, encouraged in China, Sino-foreign cooperation in the production of lifting equipment, the introduction of avant-garde skills, improve the skills of lifting equipment and safety functions and the overall level of lifting equipment in China.

3, to strengthen the lifting equipment industry supervision and management, crack down on illegal and ultra-range production of lifting equipment. In the policy to those high-skill content and high safety function of the lifting equipment manufacturers skewed, screened or shut down some low-skilled low-security features, low-cost market competition for the company, crane cantilever crane, encouraging lifting equipment Production companies to introduce highly skilled personnel, especially the manipulation of personnel, rotating arm production, lifting equipment for a new concept of design.

4, to strengthen the assessment of personnel, in particular the use of internal units to strengthen the post operation for skills training, outstanding companies responsible for the production safety responsibility, strengthen the company's primary responsibility for the safety of special equipment, the standard operator's operating processes, The company engaged in special operations personnel safety awareness.

 Lifting equipment, the use of security risks, not only to prevent, but also from the fundamental research to improve the production design and improve the level of the operator and the ability to adapt to ensure the safe use.

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