Load Calculation Of Harbor Crane And Vertical Adjustment Of Supporting Device

- Nov 20, 2017 -

    In order to ensure the safe and stable operation of the port crane, it is not only necessary to calculate the load of the crane accurately, but also ensure the center perpendicularity of the slewing bearing. So, how to do this work smoothly?

    In order to accurately calculate the port crane load, usually considering different load combinations, a really seamless work under normal circumstances, the main calculation port crane motor heat, wheels, rails, support rollers, gears and other parts Wear and pitting, mechanical transmission parts, support parts fatigue.

    When the port crane is under normal working condition with windy wind, the calculation includes the power of the motor, the static strength, static stiffness and failure of the transmission parts and supporting parts, checking the overload capacity of the motor, Enter the power and select the reducer; Determine the brake torque of the brake; Check the whole crane and local anti-overturning stability under working conditions.

    In addition, the port crane may also work under special loads, mainly used to check the anti-overturning stability and anti-skid safety of the crane under non-operating conditions; Spare parts, support parts, anti-overturning device and wind-resistant non-slip device parts to check; select and verify a variety of safety devices.

    In order to guarantee the center verticality of the slewing ring of the port crane, its upper support usually adopts the horizontal roller on the rotating column, and the inner side of the supporting ring above the mast is provided with a circular track to bear the horizontal force. And its under the support is due to the vertical and horizontal forces, it can use thrust spherical roller bearings or the use of composite bearings.

    Once the error appears, you can roll the horizontal roller bearing sleeve in the eccentric sleeve, sleeve and wheel spindle key connection, by rotating the center axis can be adjusted between the roller and the raceway to restore to Standard verticality.

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