Maintenance Method For Slewing Bearing Of Crane

- Sep 09, 2017 -

The slewing bearing of crane is the important joint of crane, so its maintenance is very important. Here's how to maintain the slewing bearing of the crane:

In the maintenance work, we must first pay attention to the risk of being dragged into the rotary gear, there are crushing and shear risk. In the inspection and maintenance, to ensure that the rotary and swing action necessary at the start of the engine, any maintenance staff are not in danger area danger zone, the car and the main arm between the rolling disc or get off and rolling disc between the crane operator (except in the cab).

Inspection of slewing bearing bolts

1 visually inspect the bolts on the slewing support before or after the crane's work each time;

2, slewing bearings for the first time after 100 hours of work, should check whether the bolts loose, 300th hours of work to check once; after every 500 hours of work check once; bad conditions to shorten the inspection distance.

3, slewing bearing before installation, first filled with lithium base grease;

4, the replacement of the bolt, the bolt will wipe clean, coated with thread fastening glue after tightening; according to the operation manual and use crane crane can form requirements, or according to the requirements of regular inspection of fastening bolts, can avoid the risk of fatigue failure of the bolt.

Routine inspection of slewing bearings

1, regularly check the flexibility of rotation; if found noise, shock, should immediately stop inspection, troubleshooting, if necessary, dismantling;

2 、 regularly check whether the gear ring is cracked or damaged, whether or not the meshing teeth face bite, bite, cut, tooth surface peeling and so on;

3, regularly check the integrity of the seal, if found damaged seals should be replaced in a timely manner, such as the fall should be promptly reset. Lubrication rotary support tooth surface slewing ring gear has been coated with rust proof oil before leaving the factory. This kind of rust proof period is usually 3~6 months. After more than the validity period, it should be coated with antirust oil in time.

Raceway for lubrication of slewing bearings

The raceway must be filled with grease periodically according to the working environment. After 50 working hours for the first time, the raceway should be filled with grease, which will be injected again 300 hours after each job. Slewing bearings must be filled with grease before and after a long time of placing. If a steam jet cleaner or a stationary sprayer is used to clean the crane, care must be taken to ensure that water does not penetrate the slewing bearing connections and that the slewing bearing connections must be lubricated afterwards.

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